Mackenzie Morgan

My skills

I am accomplished at… I am a novice at… I have dabbled in… I want to learn…

Arts & Crafts Movement

Clearly, I'm a part of the [second] Arts & Crafts Revival. The day I bought my floor loom, there was another 25 year old buying one too. She said you can tell there's a second Arts & Crafts Revival happening because she's 25 and buying a loom. We high-fived.

I know someone whose bumper sticker says "Who's your farmer?" Well, to answer a set of similar questions, here are my artisans:

Beeswax and Honey


Wood workers

And, well, I'm my own seamstress.

Etsy shop owners: if you don't live in America/New_York timezone and want your shop stats graphs to give local time, try my Greasemonkey script.