Mackenzie Morgan

Mackenzie R. Morgan

Software Engineer


Developer with experience at all levels of the stack, from server, to desktop, to web



Washington, DC 20052
BS Computer Science

Professional Experience

Washington Post
Washington, DC
Senior Full-Stack Engineer 2017-02Present
  • Worked directly with overseas client to refine product requirements
  • Integrated third party services into progressive web application (PWA)
  • Added push notification functionality to PWA for client
Full Measure Education
Washington, DC
Senior Software Engineer 2016-022017-01
  • Ensured accessibility (508 compliance) on software for government-funded schools
  • Extended, tested, and validated interfaces between Ruby on Rails and proprietary systems
  • Identified constraints and capabilities of Angular Material to implement requested designs
  • Performed automated unit testing for Ruby on Rails (RSpec) and JavaScript (Karma)
  • Added authorizations to new API calls using CanCan
SocialCode Trove
Washington, DC
Software Development Engineer 2015-082016-02
  • Developed new pages and modules on Python-backed Node.js/Underscore/Backbone app
Cisco Systems Sourcefire
Columbia, MD
Software Engineer I 2011-012012-06
Software Engineer II 2012-062015-07
  • Maintain product upgrade system (Perl, Bash)
  • Enhance system integrity checker (Perl)
  • Wrote a new MIB and the corresponding SNMP subagent (shared object method) (C)
Washington, DC
Developer 2012-032013-10
  • Performed all necessary system administration tasks on Ubuntu and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Built new features on Django-based webapp as requested by clients (Python)
  • Add new Django models and import data into MySQL as needed for new features (Python)
Blue Storm Technology
Reston, VA
System Analyst/Programmer 2010-042010-12
  • Refactored prototype software into working final version (C#)
  • Integrated custom software into Linux environment
  • Perform security certification & accreditation (DISA STIG)
  • Reverse-engineered Ubuntu system images and application dependencies to provide Red Hat packages
  • Configured bind for use with database, finding and correcting documentation errors
Sine Nomine Associates
Ashburn, VA
Test Engineer 2009-032010-04
  • Designed new FUSE-based network filesystem
  • Converted codebase to CMake
  • Verified and packaged releases of OpenAFS on several releases of AIX, Solaris SPARC & x86, RHEL, and SuSE
  • Documented OpenAFS build process on various platforms
Applied Security
Reston, VA
Systems Engineer Intern 2009-052008-08
  • Developed automated unassisted install scripts for Red Hat servers (kickstart)
  • Created and maintained software packages (RPM) for private repository
Washington Post Newsweek Interactive
Arlington, VA
Web Developer & Research Assistant 2007-092007-08
  • Modiļ¬ed Movable Type's templates and generation scripts to create a choice of style for blogs to increase the efficiency of adding new blogs and improve user experience (Perl)
  • Extracted data from RSS feeds and webpages into CSVs for use with database systems to automate data input (Python)
  • Researched political candidates and Congressional representatives to maintain Campaign Tracker and the Congressional Voting Record databases

Open Source Experience

Contributor 2014-05
Committer 2015-02
  • Added photo functionality to several parts of the site (Ruby on Rails)
  • Laid groundwork for harvest total comparisons (Ruby on Rails)
  • Added and updated unit tests (RSpec)
  • Code review and merge other contributors' patches
Lead Developer 2009-12
  • Designed and built desktop application to teach sign languages
Contributor 2007-02
Developer 20092012-08
  • Add accessibility enhancements
  • Work on the KDE frontend to Ubiquity (installer)
  • Maintain packages in Universe component
  • Review patches for inclusion in archive
  • Test alpha and beta releases
  • Mentor developers-in-training
Developer Membership Boardmember 2011-022011-08
  • Vote on new developer applications as a member of the Developer Membership Board
  • Spree: found and fixed compatibility issues between plugins (Ruby on Rails)
  • Linux kernel: added quirk to fix audio issue with suspend/resume (C)
  • GNOME Terminator: fixed accessibility bug (Python, PyGTK)
  • Seahorse: fixed bug with GnuPG configuration (C, GLib)
  • KDE: usability changes (C++)
  • GSynaptics: added ability to configure touchpad speed and acceleration (C, GTK+)


Society for Creative Anachronism, Kingdom of Atlantia Chapter
Deputy Guildmistress for Costuming 2014-11
Society for Creative Anachronism, Barony of Storvik Chapter
Newcomer Coordinator 2014-122015-12
Webmaster 2013-012015-12
Assistant Webmaster 2012-112013-01
Developer Membership Board Member 2011-022011-08
Regional Membership Board Member 2010-052011-08
Assocation for Computing Machinery (ACM), DC Chapter
Member At Large 2009-072010-06
Awards Chair 2008-122009-06
Assocation for Computing Machinery (ACM), GWU Chapter
Vice President 2009-062010-05
Secretary 2007-062009-05