Reading List: Intro to Quakers

Just leaving this here as a reference. Books Your local Faith & Practice Advices & Queries A Quaker Book of Wisdom An Introduction to Quakerism Living the Quaker Way Our Life is Love Pendle Hill pamphlets Why Friends are Friends The Cambridge Companion to Quakerism Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship Face to Face: Early Quaker Encounters with the Bible A Long Road: How Quakers Made Sense of God and the Bible Barclay’s Apology original or modern English Online Friends Journal Quaker Speak Quakers on Reddit Quakers on Discord Quakers on Twitter My podcast

Start of a List

Elixir has a lot of ways to get the first thing in a list. One of the first things you learn from the basic syntax guide on the Elixir website is that hd(foo) gets the first thing in a list, and tl(foo) gets the rest. You also learn [ head | tail ] = foo. But what happens when it’s an empty list? iex(1)> foo = [] [] iex(2)> hd(foo) ** (ArgumentError) argument error :erlang.

Dang, Elixir is stable

On Monday, my manager asked about on-call coverage for the Elixir app I work on. There are only a handful of people in the company who know Elixir, and he was concerned that I would feel like I couldn’t take a vacation. Him: How often do you get on-call alerts? Me: shrug Never 😏 Him: Wait, what? Do you have them set up? Do they work? 😰 Me: Yeah, they’re set up, and yes, they work, but the interval…Two weeks ago, another team made a change that affected us without telling us, and that caused an alert.

Attending Code BEAM

Last week, Miriam Pena from the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation’s education working group mentioned in the Elixir Slack’s channel for women and other minority genders that Code BEAM V America was coming up. She said the working group had a handful of tickets available for students, folks who can’t otherwise afford to go, and people in groups that are underrepresented in tech. I’ve never applied for a “diversity” ticket to a conference before, but she said they’d pre-purchased them, and the conference was 6 days away.

Django Admin color picker

When I add a new model to the Django app at work, I try to make sure the results in the Django admin have good usability, too. Just because it’ll be mainly developers (and a few project managers) seeing it doesn’t mean I can neglect usability. Consequently, I spend some time on hacking the Django admin. My manager says I’ve been making it do things he didn’t even realize were possible.