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Quaker Marriage Certificates

by Mackenzie

A Quaker wedding is officiated by the Divine Presence (no priest!), and everyone present serves as a witness. A lovely tradition that has come out of this belief is the Quaker marriage certificate, signed by every guest at the wedding, even the kids. While the certificates were once very plain legal documents (Quakers used to view art with suspicion), today they are works of art hanging in every Quaker home.

And while it should go without saying, of course I'd be happy to make a certificate for a same sex wedding!


This marriage certificate is on antique paper and done in uncial with rowan and hazel swags. April 2016

Knotwork border

When the brother of the groom in the "Clematis vine" certificate got married, he wanted the same style of text but a border that would make it distinctly different from his brother's. April 2016

Clematis vine

The bride on this marriage certificate has purple as her favorite color, so we settled on purple clematis. June 2015


This is my own marriage certificate. I went the traditional route, just plain unilluminated text. October 2014


This certificate is on antique color paper with black Uncial text. The names are center aligned. December 2012

Ivy vine

This certificate is on antique color paper with a mix of styles. The main text is purple in a humanist hand, but the couple's names are in red Gothic text. The border is of ivy vines intertwined. August 2011

Tree of Life

This certificate is black Uncial text on antique color paper. The names are centered, and the brides requested persimmon for their names. The top is graced with a Tree of Life motif. October 2011

Knotwork letters

This was the first marriage certificate I did. The main text is in Carolingian, but the names at the top are in Uncial. The names start with knotwork letters. May 2010