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Quaker Marriage Certificates

by Mackenzie


If you'd like me to make your Quaker marriage certificate, send me an email to get started. I'll end up asking you to fill out this form, so you might as well do that too.

Because each Yearly Meeting's book of Faith & Practice gives a somewhat different suggested marriage certificate wording, I ask that you supply the text. If you're not being married under the care of a Friends Meeting, you can make up your own wording. It's common to include your names, your parents' names and maybe where you're from (town or congregation), the date and location of the wedding, and vows made.

All marriage certificates will be delivered in a lignin-free cellophane sleeve, to protect the certificate from damage and acidity (which would damage the paper over time).


My pricing is charged on an hourly basis. A certificate with a simple border tends to come in around $150. With a complex border, the price can go over $200.

For customers in Maryland, the state requires that I charge 6% sales tax.

Once it Arrives

At the wedding, be sure to have an archival artist pen for your guests to sign the certificate with (available at your local artist supply shop). You don't want their signatures fading! Afterward, I recommend having it framed with UV-filtering glass and a two-inch mat. The mat provides an air gap between the work and both the glass and the frame. Depending on humidity, artwork can stick to the glass of the frame it's in, and that would ruin the certificate. A wooden frame's materials can leach lignins into the paper, causing it to yellow and crumble. You want your marriage certificate to be something your great grandchildren cherish!