Dang, Elixir is stable


On Monday, my manager asked about on-call coverage for the Elixir app I work on. There are only a handful of people in the company who know Elixir, and he was concerned that I would feel like I couldn’t take a vacation.

Him: How often do you get on-call alerts?

Me: shrug Never 😏

Him: Wait, what? Do you have them set up? Do they work? 😰

Me: Yeah, they’re set up, and yes, they work, but the interval…Two weeks ago, another team made a change that affected us without telling us, and that caused an alert. That was the first alert since before the election.

Him: 😯

November to February—four months—with zero on-call alerts. We have the only Elixir codebase in the company, and I think it’s the most stable codebase in the company too.